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Still Here…

Once again, large tracts of time have flowed around us and just two posts have appeared… I’m not very good at this apparently – or there is a lot going on elsewhere! Well, that last bit is very true. Three months ago, I upped sticks and moved to France. Not just “to France” but rather […]

English, easy???

Super article about how difficult English really is:

Me and My Friend - Us!

Me and My Friend – Us!

There is always confusion surrounding personal pronouns in the English language – even for native speakers. Somehow, subject, object, possessive and reflexive pronouns get all muddled up, even on (semi) official documents. In this image is a typical mistake – “…don’t stare at myself or my child” It should of course be “…stare at me…” […]

Borrowing and Lending

Often foreign language students have difficulties in differentiating between the two verbs to Borrow and to Lend. Not surprising since a lot of English Native-Speakers have the same problem and in many foreign languages, there is only one word for both actions – simply differentiating from or to whom one borrows/lends. The English language is itself […]

Good Intentions – but No Results

It is a long time since I last posted here – which is a bad thing. It means I have been neglecting a part of that which still interests me – the English Language “like wot she is spoke”. And I did promise – a long time ago – that I would post all sorts […]


In the late 1960s there was a radio show on the BBC called I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again (also known as ISIRTA). When this show came to an end, a couple of the people who had taken part in (and written) the show decided that there must be an even easier way to earn […]